Trade Secrets is a special Annual Garden Show that Supports a Community Free of Domestic Violence

at the garden show May 2019

Garden Trade Show and Tour Supports Women in Need

Greek Temple pool house at Trade Secrets garden show
Elegant Pool House Disguised as a Greek Temple

For the past 18 years, Trade Secrets’ garden show has been taking place each year at Lions Rock Farm. Started by Bunny Williams and Naomi Blumenthal, and guided by horticulturist Deborah Munson, Trade Secrets has supported the valuable work of Women’s Support Services in Sharon, Connecticut whose mission is to create a community free of domestic violence and abuse through intervention, prevention and education.

 One of the highlights is the garden tour the day after the trade show. This year we were lucky enough to visit Bunny Williams’ garden and it was an inspiring visit.  Parterre gardens followed by sunken gardens, beautiful Koi ponds, woodland pathways, cobble stone and pebble paths, French tulips, beds of white Allium, a greenhouse full of rare plants, enormous potted palms and so many beautiful and rare plants.

In 2019, she welcomed visitors graciously and answered questions about plants, gardening and design and could not have been more welcoming and engaging. Thanks to everyone at Trade Secrets who support a community free of domestic violence.

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By Victoria Larson, Editor, Side of Culture
VK Larson Communications

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