Our content is about small (ish) arts and cultural organizations that not only add to the cultural landscape in the United States but also enrich the lives of those involved and help to build and maintain a web of support and talent in their communities.

These organizations often provide a platform for creating special and inspiring connections and outlets that can enrich and enhance our daily lives. They are also showcases of local talents that often fly below the radar of national recognition. Side of Culture would like to highlight the importance of these organizations to our communities.

The name Side of Culture refers to sides of a meal that are served with a main course. The main meal is our hectic everyday life while the sides are often the most fulfilling, interesting and fun parts of the meal that serve as true highlights in our day to day lives. VKLarson Communications has worked with many of these worthy organizations and businesses and knows first hand the important roles they play in improving our lives as community builders, confidence creators and producers of art and beauty.

Enjoy reading and if you’d like to make a contribution, please write to editor@test.sideofculture.com.

Thank you! Victoria Larson