Pine Plains Memorial Hall

Pine Plains Memorial Hall

Projected to be completed in the next two years, the Pine Plains Memorial Hall will be an important regional music venue as well as provide community services for the local population. Pine Plains is an agrarian town, nestled between the Catskills and the Berkshires at the foot of the Stissing Mountain in Dutchess County. In 1915, the original Memorial Hall was constructed and given to the Town of Pine Plains in memory of John McIntyre. After various lives and years of no use at all, the historical building is being restored to its original beauty. The mission of Pine Plains Memorial Hall’s renewal is to bring together the community and foster new economic development in Northern Dutchess County and surrounding areas. It will be a regional center for community-based civic and social programs, agriculture and arts education, cultural performances and as starting point for local charitable organizations. The restoration is in the midst of a five-year planning, capital fundraising and construction cycle that will support the rebirth of Memorial Hall. The plan is to maintain the original rural character of the building and its elegant open auditorium space, while adding modern equipment to support arts programs, films and music performances.

Pine Plains Memorial

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